Softicron Enterprise is an IT solutions provider focused on developing of websites, web and desktop applications, ICT products and services, mobile apps and ICT education. We have products that are tailor made to help your achieve your goals. We provide business and IT solutions designed to ensure maximum output. We make it easy for you to digitise your business. We can build applications that run faster on premium servers and can accommodate huge data in the cloud.

We are a dedicated team focused on helping countless individuals, companies and organisations achieve their goals

We are excited to expand our outfit and to add more valuable skills to our team. We want to attract the best candidates with experience in delivering quality services that can add value for our clients. We provide competitive remuneration and maintain a discrimination free policy for employment

Softicron Enterprise was founded in 2019, and has been providing quality IT services to the public ever since. Located on the UPSA Road, Softicron is on the path to becoming a leading IT solutions provider for the Ghanaian community.

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